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Some Clarifications About AMSA and National AMSA

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding how national membership works…

  • In order to put AMSA on a Med School app, job app, etc., you MUST be a national member
  • You can participate in our events and talk about volunteering with us, but you CANNOT claim that you were an AMSA member
  • This could cost you a position in the medical school, job, or wherever if you falsely claim that you were an AMSA Member
  • You MUST be a National Member in order to apply for an Executive Board position
  • We are not tracking AMSA bucks for non-national members, as they are not applicable
  • If you are NOT a National Member but you feel that you have put in substantial effort but have NOT been a member in doing so, fill out   THIS SURVEY

If you have questions or concerns email me at uzunl001@umn.edu or Kelsey at wardx490@umn.edu

About Pre-Med AMSA

Pre-Med AMSA is a pre-professional medical student organization. We strive for all our members to be well-balanced pre-medical students. While having a good MCAT score, GPA, and resume is important to medical school applications, we believe our members will stand out by their commitment to improving our community and advocating for health locally and globally. Pre-Med AMSA is committed to volunteering and giving back to the community through lending our time, money, and effort to important causes. We are also committed to improving health care and its delivery to all people; involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine.

Premed AMSA unites all University students that want to pursue a career in medicine. Premed AMSA organizes activities that introduce all aspects of a physician’s life: providing healthcare to all people, deepening and expanding his or her academic knowledge, striving towards professional and personal excellence, and overall causing a positive social change in the local and wider community.