Meet the Board

AMSA Executive Board 2020-2021: We’re Here To Help!

President:                                 Daphne Blount

Vice President:                        Rachel Keenan

Secretary:                                 Vanessa Bradfish

Treasurer:                                Lindsey Flieth

Public Relations:                    Sarah Gonsalves

Health Advocate:                   Andrew Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator:       Katherine (Kay) Rusch

Events Coordinator:             Rhea Sharma

Travel Coordinator:              Kirstin Knutson

Name:       Daphne Blount
Position:   President

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.02.43 AM

Year: Senior
Major: Cellular and Organismal Physiology
Hobbies and involvement: Scribing with EPPA, working in the PAEL lab, finding new coffee shops, yoga, food, walks, trying to keep my house plants alive
Most treasured AMSA memories: I am still friends with some of the first people I met in AMSA my first year of school. It has been so inspiring watching them grow as individuals, explore medicine, and pursue their passions. 
Name:        rachel keenan
Position:    Vice President

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.06.26 AM

Year: senior (kinda)
Major: biochemistry with german minor
hobbies/involvement: Alpha Gamma Delta- Director of Leadership, SGL/Grader for NOL, BBBS volunteer, ACR Homes, Research with the Department of Anesthesiology! Outside of premed things I like to look at tik toks of dogs, run, travel to new places, and bake lots of cookies!
Most treasured AMSA memories: Getting to interact with all of you and the physicians! It truly is incredible having and sharing a commonality between many people. I love learning and hearing what makes everyone passionate about medicine!


Name:        Vanessa Bradfish
Position:    Secretary

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.09.31 AM

Year: senior 
Major: neuroscience
hobbies/involvement: Research assistant in Knights Lab; CNA at assisted living facility; reading, watching movies, thrifting, and hiking!
Most treasured AMSA memories: Volunteering in the community! I have gotten to meet many fellow AMSA members while volunteering at places like Second Harvest Heartland, Feed My Starving Children, and the Ronald McDonald House. I’m hopeful that we’ll have in-person volunteering events again soon!
Name:        lindsey flieth
Position:    Treasurer

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.12.01 AM

Year: junior
Major: Human Physiology and Spanish with Minors in Pharmacology, Neuroscience, and Public Health
hobbies/involvement: VP of MinnesoTap, volunteer at MHealth Children’s Masonic, CNA at a nursing home, and tutor with RISE tutor program. I also love dancing, playing tennis, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and eating ice cream 🙂
Most treasured AMSA memories: All of the incredible people that I have gotten to meet! Through AMSA’s many opportunities, I have gotten to meet physicians, get a med student mentor, and meet some of my closest friends!
Name:       sarah gonsalves
Position:   Public Relations

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.14.31 AM

Year: Sophomore 
Major: psychology with minors in business management and neuroscience           
hobbies/involvement: I dance recreationally, spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I love trying new coffee shops, traveling to new places, listening to music, taking long drives and reading. Alpha gamma delta director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, hospital volunteer at ridgeview waconia, member of salt, and lab member in the aulakh lab WVU! 
Most treasured AMSA memories: My favorite has to be hearing the guest physicians talk about why they love medicine! I also love the other exec board members, it wouldn’t be the same without them!
Name:       andrew johnson
Position:  Health Advocate

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.30.41 PM

Year: junior
Major:  biology with minors in accounting and sociology
hobbies/involvement: I love being active so any type of sport is awesome! Ice cream is dope. I also enjoy cooking even though I usually end up having Ramen several nights a week!
Most treasured AMSA memories: The weekly meetings are pretty awesome because you get to talk with older classmates about what their plans are! Plus you get some free food!
Name:       katherine (kay) rusch
Position:  Volunteer Coordinator

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.22.33 AM

Year: junior
Major: microbiology with minor in health psychology
hobbies/involvement: Membership Chair for CASA, JGL for CBS, volunteer at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. My favorite hobbies are art, baking, and cross stitching! 
Most treasured AMSA memories: Volunteering was the way that I met lots of other people in AMSA, and volunteering as a group gave me a lot of the confidence needed to volunteer on my own! Hopefully we can do some group volunteering soon, or at least provide some encourage for those wanting to volunteer individually.
Name:       rhea sharma
Position:  Events Coordinator

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.24.56 AM

Year: sophomore
Major:   human physiology with minor in health services management
hobbies/ involvement:American Red Cross volunteer, UMN COVID Vaccination Team, and research in Department of Radiation Oncology! Hobbies include traveling, poetry, and going to new coffee shops 🙂
Most treasured AMSA memories:Networking with physicians via weekly meetings and Pre-Med Dinner. Reach out to receive shadowing and research opportunities! Also, meeting my closest friends, great for pre-med advice!!
Name:     kirstin knutson
Position:  Travel Coordinator
Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.27.22 AM
Year: Sophomore
Major: psychology with minor in public health
hobbies/ involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi-Freshman Standards, Volunteering at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Yoga, Ballet, listening to new music, and watching New Girl
Most treasured AMSA memories: To have such a supportive group of people surrounding me! It’s also an amazing resource for inspiration and connections to the healthcare field

2019-2020 Previous Board Members


President:                                 Praticha Jagdish

Vice President:                        Daphne Blount

Secretary:                                 Alisha Relan 

Treasurer:                                 Regan Bradley

Public Relations:                    Lindsey Flieth 

Health Advocate:                   Michael Dahl

Volunteer Coordinator:       Madeline Lawrence 

Events Coordinator:             Jessica Haines 

Travel Coordinator:              Rachel Keenan 

2018-2019 Previous Board Members

old board

Tyler Johnson – President
April Feist – Vice President
Ashish Varma – Treasurer
Maya Santosuosso – Secretary
Alisha Relan – Public Relations
Praticha Jagdish – Events Coordinator
Daphne Blount – Travel Coordinator
Sydney Grubb – Volunteer Coordinator
Regan Bradley – Health Advocate

2017-2018 Previous Board Members


Sena Uzunlar – President
Kelsey Ward – Vice President
Karla Rodriguez-Naranjo – Treasurer
Henri Swanson – Secretary
April Feist – Public Relations
Megan Olson – Events Coordinator
Ashish Varma – Travel Coordinator
Tyler Johnson – Volunteer Coordinator
Maya Santosuosso – Health Advocate

2016-2017 Previous Board Members

Olivia Schneider – President
Alex Khan – Vice President
Jun Chen – Treasurer
Samar Shahid – Secretary
Kelsey Ward – Public Relations
Sena Uzunlar – Events Coordinator
Karla Rodriguez-Naranjo – Travel Coordinator
Jonah Kuske – Volunteer Coordinator
Jacqueline Cassman – Health Advocate

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