Meet the Board

AMSA Executive Board 2018-2019: We’re Here To Help!


President:                                 Tyler Johnson

Vice President:                        April Feist

Secretary:                                 Maya Santosuosso

Treasurer:                                 Ashish Varma

Public Relations:                    Alisha Relan

Health Advocate:                   Regan Bradley

Volunteer Coordinator:       Sydney Grubb

Events Coordinator:             Praticha Jagdish

Travel Coordinator:              Daphne Blount

 2018 – 2019 AMSA Executive Board!

Name:       Tyler Johnson
Position:   President
tyler pic
Year: Senior
Major: Biology Minors: Public Health and Pharmacology
Campus involvement: On campus, I am on the girl’s basketball scout team, a part of the ALS Association, and am a scribe and nutrition services aid at HealthEast locations! I have studied tropical wildlife conservation in Malaysia, and have also done a medical trip to Uganda/Rwanda, plastic surgery rotation in Spain/Portugal, and ocean acidification in the islands of Belize. I plan to take a gap year to hopefully head back to my friends and doctors in Uganda for a few months after graduation and do other various travels. I recently spent 3 weeks in Cuba for this past 2018-2019 winter break!
Hobbies: In the summer, I umpire little kids and stay busy with working at HealthEast. This summer will be consumed by the application process for MD/DO programs!
Specialty of interest: Family medicine in a suburban/ rural area. 
Most treasured AMSA memory: Going to Nationals last year in D.C. with the board and general members! Learned some great information and had time to have some fun/ sight see. 
Favorite quote that motivates you: “Dream big and dare to fail”
Name:        April Feist
Position:    Vice President
April pic.JPG
Year: Junior
Major: Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Minor: Leadership
Campus involvement: This year I am working as a Junior Guild Leader for the College of Biological Sciences. I also volunteer as a Big Sister ie BBBS program, work in childcare, and am an active member of the academic sorority, Lambda Delta Phi.
Hobbies: I love running and I am involved in the University Running Club where I compete D2/D3 in Cross Country. I also love singing and am a member of the Campus Singers Choir. 
Specialty of interest: My dream is to become an osteopathic physician and specialize in pediatrics or family medicine. I really hope to work in primary care and develop relationships with patients that extend both in and outside of medicine. 
Most treasured AMSA memory: 
Favorite quote that motivates you: 


Name:        Maya Santosuosso
Position:    Secretary
Year: Senior
Majors: Neuroscience and Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development Minor: Psychology
Campus involvement: I work as an Emergency Department medical scribe at St. Francis Medical Center, which I have done for the past three years! I am currently studying for a spring MCAT so this is my only other EC outside of AMSA at the moment, however, I have also spent time working as a lab assistant on campus, volunteering at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, participating in intramural volleyball and being a Welcome Week Leader!
Hobbies: Outside of classwork and my job, I enjoy watching Netflix/ Hulu, hanging out with my friends, discovering new music, and lifting!
Specialty of interest: II hope to practice Emergency or Internal Medicine in a major metro area and also work to promote health education in inner city environments, particularly with emphasis on preventative medicine.
Most treasured AMSA memories: My favorite AMSA memories have been attending conferences, including fall conference last year and pre-med fest this year, as they provide a chance to get to know members outside of your friends and continue to learn about the field we will be going into. I am looking forward to (hopefully) going to Nationals for the first time this March!
Favorite quote that motivates you: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”
Name:        Ashish Varma
Position:    Treasurer
ashish pic
Year: Junior
Major: Neuroscience and Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development 
Campus involvement: When I’m not working, volunteering, or studying I like to spend my free time playing a board game known as Go!
Fun Fact: After high school, I took a gap year to travel the lower 48!
Specialty of interest: I’ve always been fascinated with the brain and how/why it works the way it does. I’m planning on going to medical school and choosing a specialty that deals with the CNS.
Most treasured AMSA memory: 
Favorite quote that motivates you: 
Name:       Alisha Relan
Position:   Public Relations

alisha pic

Year: Sophomore
Major: Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development Minor: Leadership
Campus involvement: I am a researcher in the Laboratory of Medicine and Pathology on campus working with a category of melanocytic lesions. In addition, I am a Sophomore Guild Leader for the College of Biological Sciences. A large portion of my time is also spent dancing with the UMN Dance Collective! 
Hobbies: Aside from classes and research, I enjoy dancing, hanging out with friends and family, eating lots of ice cream, watching movies, shopping, and traveling! 
Specialty of interest: In the future, I would like to pursue a specialty in either Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation.
Most treasured AMSA memories: Getting the opportunity to travel to AMSA Nationals last year in Washington D.C. with the board and general members! I also am a big fan of the suture clinics and physician dinners! 
Favorite quote that motivates you: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken…  Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”
Name:       Regan Bradley
Position:  Health Advocate

regan pic

Year: Junior
Major: Biology, Society, & Environment and Psychology Minor: Public Health
Campus involvement: AMSA, VP of USIG, Anatomy TA, and a cycling instructor at the RecWell.
Hobbies: Hiking and walking my dogs as well as cooking (at least attempting).
Specialty of interest: I hope to become a surgeon or work in critical care/ trauma, maybe combine them both and be a trauma surgeon either in civilian or military life. Of course, I still find almost everything fascinating so it will be interesting to see where I end up. 
Most treasured AMSA memories: Sitting in my first ever AMSA meeting realizing there are so many people like me who are as passionate about medicine and a life of serving others. 
Favorite quote that motivates you: “Get to the point where you are living the life you used to be jealous of.”
Name:       Sydney Grubb
Position:  Volunteer Coordinator

syd pic

Year: Senior
Major: Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development Minor: Microbiology
Campus involvement: I am a researcher in the Gralnick lab of molecular biology and biophysics! I’m also in a sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and I’ve served on the academic committee. I also work as a medical scribe at United Hospital in St. Paul!
Hobbies: What is free time?? Jk I try to spend my extra time reading, running, and spending time with my friends and little sister (plus my super adorable husky)    🙂
Specialty of interest: I am hoping to be either a plastic surgeon or an OB/GYN!
Most treasured AMSA memories: Going to nationals in Washington in D.C., it was so fun to spend time with other pre-meds. I learned so much! 
Favorite quote that motivates you: Have some fire, be unstoppable, be a force of nature” – Christina Yang (GA)
Name:       Praticha Jagdish
Position:  Events Coordinator
praticha pic
Year: Junior
Major: Physiology
Campus involvement: I am involved with the Society of Women Engineers ( a great group btw!!) and I also work as a campus tour guide at the Admissions office!
Hobbies: I really like to play my violin, dance, bake, and do pilates!
Specialty of interest:  I would really like to work in Pediatric Oncology, and I know, I know that that line of work is super tough, but I think it would be really rewarding. I also have personal experience with someone battling cancer at a young age.
Most treasured AMSA memories: One of my favorite memories from AMSA was attending the first pre-med dinner of my first year in AMSA, it was really rewarding. I spoke with a lot of physicians and got their advice, plus I made some new friends!
Favorite quote that motivates you: “We may encounter defeats but we must not be defeated”-Maya Angelou
Name:       Daphne Blount
Position:  Travel Coordinator
daphne pic
Year: Sophomore
Major: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology Minor: Public Health 
Campus involvement: 
Specialty of interest:  
Most treasured AMSA memories: Attending “Living with Tigers” which was a talk about childhood trauma at the AMSA National Convention.
Favorite quote that motivates you: 

2016-2017 Previous Board Members

Olivia Schneider – President
Alex Khan – Vice President
Jun Chen – Treasurer
Samar Shahid – Secretary
Sena Uzunlar – Events Coordinator
Karla Rodriguez-Naranjo – Travel Coordinator
Jonah Kuske – volunteer Coordinator
Jacqueline Cassman – Health Advocate

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