Meet the Board

AMSA Executive Board 2021-2022: We’re Here To Help!

PresidentLindsey Flieth
Vice PresidentAndrew Johnson
TreasurerRhea Sharma
SecretaryKristin Knudsen
Public RelationsSummer Gerhardt
Health AdvocateZoey Pekula
Volunteer CoordinatorRebecca (Becca) Olson
Events CoordinatorAnna Clarin
Travel CoordinatorSaahiti Denduluri



Year: Senior
Major: human physiology and spanish (Minors in pharmacology, neuroscience, and public health)
hobbies/involvement: VP of MinnesoTap, volunteer at MHealth Children’s Masonic, CNA at a nursing home, and tutor with RISE tutor program. I also love dancing, playing tennis, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and eating ice cream 🙂
Most treasured AMSA memories: All of the incredible people that I have gotten to meet! Through AMSA’s many opportunities, I have gotten to meet physicians, get a med student mentor, and meet some of my closest friends!



Year: senior
Major: biology, minors in manag
fun fact: i worked as a pizza maker for a year and a half at puncH pizza!



Year: junior
Major: psychology with minor in public health
hobbies/ involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi-Freshman Standards, Volunteering at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, Yoga, Ballet, listening to new music, and watching New Girl
Most treasured AMSA memories: To have such a supportive group of people surrounding me! It’s also an amazing resource for inspiration and connections to the healthcare field



Year: junior
Major:   human physiology with minor in health services management
hobbies/ involvement: American Red Cross volunteer, UMN COVID Vaccination Team, and research in Department of Radiation Oncology! Hobbies include traveling, poetry, and going to new coffee shops 🙂
Most treasured AMSA memories:Networking with physicians via weekly meetings and Pre-Med Dinner. Reach out to receive shadowing and research opportunities! Also, meeting my closest friends, great for pre-med advice!!

Name:       Summer Gerhardt
Position:   Public Relations
Year: Sophomore 
Major:  genetics, cell biology and Development (GCD) with minor in American sign language and nutrition science
hobbies/involvement: senior care at acr homes, research in breast cancer laboratory, peer mentor. Hobbies include exploring minnesota state parks and trails, playing basketball, weightlifting, reading, and trying new restaurants!
Fun fact: I used to have a pet llama named steve and a chicken named nugget!

Name:       Zoey Pekula
Position:  Health Advocate
Year: junior
Major:  human physiology with a minor in psychology
Fun fact: I am the oldest of three and i am the first in my family to be pursuing a careet in medicine. 

Name:       rebecca (becca) olson
Position:  Volunteer Coordinator
Year: sophomore
Major: kinesiology major with minor in public health
Fun fact: i’ve been skydiving and i am a total adrenaline junkie

Name:       anna clarin
Position:  Events Coordinator
Year: junior
Major:  human physiology major with minor in neuroscience
Fun fact: I can juggle!

Name:     saahiti denduluri
Position:  Travel Coordinator
Year: Sophomore
Major: biology, society & environment with minor in public health
Fun fact: I share a birthday with my favorite bollywood actor (hrithik roshan)!

2020-2021 Previous Board Members

2019-2020 Previous Board Members


President:                                 Praticha Jagdish

Vice President:                        Daphne Blount

Secretary:                                 Alisha Relan 

Treasurer:                                 Regan Bradley

Public Relations:                    Lindsey Flieth 

Health Advocate:                   Michael Dahl

Volunteer Coordinator:       Madeline Lawrence 

Events Coordinator:             Jessica Haines 

Travel Coordinator:              Rachel Keenan 

2018-2019 Previous Board Members

old board
Tyler Johnson – President
April Feist – Vice President
Ashish Varma – Treasurer
Maya Santosuosso – Secretary
Alisha Relan – Public Relations
Praticha Jagdish – Events Coordinator
Daphne Blount – Travel Coordinator
Sydney Grubb – Volunteer Coordinator
Regan Bradley – Health Advocate

2017-2018 Previous Board Members

Sena Uzunlar – President
Kelsey Ward – Vice President
Karla Rodriguez-Naranjo – Treasurer
Henri Swanson – Secretary
April Feist – Public Relations
Megan Olson – Events Coordinator
Ashish Varma – Travel Coordinator
Tyler Johnson – Volunteer Coordinator
Maya Santosuosso – Health Advocate

2016-2017 Previous Board Members

Olivia Schneider – President
Alex Khan – Vice President
Jun Chen – Treasurer
Samar Shahid – Secretary
Kelsey Ward – Public Relations
Sena Uzunlar – Events Coordinator
Karla Rodriguez-Naranjo – Travel Coordinator
Jonah Kuske – Volunteer Coordinator
Jacqueline Cassman – Health Advocate

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