Where Are They Now

2/21 – Olivia Schneiderolivia-1-e1519255845997.png

  • Graduated 2017
  • CBS, Major: Biology
  • Involvement in AMSA: Volunteer Coordinator, Events Coordinator, President
  • Gap year: Teach for America – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Places nontraditional educators in high need areas to strive for educational equity
  • Preparing Her for Med School: Being a leader with TFA encompasses a lot of responsibility and people depend on her every day, in the same ways as a physician.
  • Advice to PreMeds: “Expose yourself to the diversity in your community and get involved with things not related to medicine!!”
  • Her Thoughts:
    • “I learned about Teach for America at a weekly Wednesday night AMSA meeting. Teach for America is a nonprofit program that places nontraditional educators in areas of high need to educate and develop future leaders for educational equity. I chose this program because I wanted something outside of the typical pre-medical gap year program. I knew Teacher for America was going to push me as a leader and critical thinker and chose this program because it was something I had never done before and was social justice oriented. Just as in medicine every interaction is tailored to the needs of the patient, the same is true for education and teachers. Each day is different and I had to quickly learn the needs of my students for them to be successful. Some of my favorite parts about being a teacher aren’t even in the classroom but the times I get to know students by eating lunch with them or going to their basketball games or seeing them after school during tutoring. Students are dynamic and energized, which means you have to be ready for anything they throw your way!”
    • “Being a first-year teacher is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have put medical school on the back-burner for now. It is something I still consider and if I apply will hope to stay in the midwest.”

2/7 – Madison Duffy


  • Accepted into the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Medical School
  • Senior
  • CBS
  • Major: Biology Minor: Pharmacology
  • Joined AMSA: Fall 2015 (3 years ago!)
  • AMSA Participation: People Serving People, Habitat for Humanity, and Cook 4 Kids!
    • “I think that these not only help your standing in AMSA as a gold member, but they also give you experiences that you can share in your interview! The general meetings are also a great place to make professional connections, create a medical network, and learn about great opportunities outside of AMSA.”
  • How AMSA contributed to your path to medical school: “I was able to put my Gold Member status on my application, and I believe I also got access to a research/shadowing opportunity through a meeting presentation. I also got paired with the junior class president of the U of M Medical School through the mentor program. I was able to get to know him and bring his name up in interviews at the U of M specifically. I think this showed my involvement and passion for the medical field went beyond my class schedule.”
  • My advice to pre-meds: Work a direct care job that you love.
    • “I have worked at ACR Homes for the last two years, and it has given me endless learning experiences to share in my interview. The job also made for a compelling personal statement. On the AMCAS application I was not only able to listpaidjob, but also medically related, internship, mentor, and direct care all because of ACR!”
  • Fun Fact: She is getting married in June and just bought a home!
    • “I have been beyond blessed during my time at the U of M and I can’t wait to see where I end up next :)”